Alberta Health Services (Cardiology Program)

2C2 Walter C. Mackenzie Health Sciences Centre
8440-112 ST
Edmonton, AB, T6G  2B7

Dr. Tania Mysak,PharmD
Director, Practice, AHS Pharmacy Services
Phone: 780-735-0770

Dr. Sheri Koshman, BScPharm, PharmD, ACPR, FCSHP
Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), University of Alberta
Phone: 780-407-2045

Dr. Glen Pearson, BSc, BScPhm, PharmD, FCSHP, FCCS
Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), University of Alberta
Phone: 780-407-2044


Type: Cardiology
Focus: Cardiovascular care across the spectrum of healthcare
Established in: 2019
# Positions:1
Est. stipend: approximately $50, 000 per annum
Benefits: Yes
Vacation/holiday leave: 2 weeks
Education/conference leave: Budget and time provided to support residents to attend conferences will be reviewed each year

Program highlights: This advanced pharmacy residency (year 2) specializing in cardiology is an organized, directed postgraduate program that builds upon competencies developed through the successful completion of an accredited graduate clinical degree or an accredited pharmacy residency and focuses on developing a mastery of knowledge and an expert level of competency in the area of cardiology. The residency is conducted through the accomplishment of formal learning objectives, consistent with the accreditation standards of the Canadian Hospital Residency Board (CHRB). The program has an established core of learning activities, but may also be tailored to each resident’s background, experiences, and personal goals for the program. 

This program will be offered in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Cardiology Medical Residency program within the Division of Cardiology at the University of Alberta. Through this relationship, a strong emphasis with be placed on interprofessional collaboration in clinical practice, teaching and research reflecting the current state and direction of advanced pharmacy practice. Opportunities to pursue a Master’s degree, as an extension of the residency program, may be explored on an individual basis.

While there are opportunities throughout the province of Alberta, the majority of the residency experiences will occur at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute (MAHI) located in Edmonton, Alberta. MAHI is a world leader in complex cardiac care and surgery. It is the main referral centre for Northern Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon and Northwest Territories for cardiac care. Our cardiac program was the home to the first open heart surgery, valve surgery, and coronary bypass surgery in Canada. It is home to the first heart transplant in Western Canada, and one of the largest advanced heart programs (cardiac transplant and mechanical circulatory support [MCS]) in North America. We continue to be innovators with programs such as MCS and transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR).  For more information on MAHI:

This program aims to have pharmacy residents practice to full scope in the province of Alberta, including history taking, physical examinations, ordering of laboratory parameter, basic interpretation of diagnostic tests and prescribing. Cardiovascular areas can be individualized based on interest, but will span the spectrum of cardiovascular care including primary and secondary prevention, inpatient and outpatient care. Skills and knowledge gained as part of this residency will be transferable to other practice environments.

We are looking for individuals who have made a career decision to become leaders in health-system or institutional pharmacy practice. Individuals should hold high professional ideals, are committed to continued learning and wish to become experts and leaders in cardiology. 

Direct Patient Care
Quality Improvement
Attendance at a major cardiology focused conference
Attendance of local or regional CSHP conferences
Attendance at Prevention Journal Clubs (Monthly)
Attendance at MAHI Cardiology Rounds (Weekly)
Cardiology Resident Core Curriculum Academic Half Days

Research and Publication Opportunities:
Major research project related to cardiovascular pharmacotherapy
Manuscript Peer Review

Teaching Opportunities:
Opportunity to receive a clinical academic colleague appointment with the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta and participate in the following:

  • Undergraduate teaching: 
    • Classroom (didactic)
    • Classroom (small group)
  • Residency (Year 1)
    • Clinical preceptorship
  • Postgraduate medical teaching:
    • Classroom (didactic): Cardiology Core Curriculum,  Academic Half-days

Required Rotations*:

Cardiology Critical Care

Cardiology Wards (+ clinical preceptorship)

Cardiovascular Surgery/Critical Care

Cardiology Clinics

Heart failure + Advanced heart failure (heart transplant, mechanical circulatory support)

Research Project

Quality Improvement

Academic teaching

Elective Rotations: 

Risk Reduction Clinic

Hypertension Clinic

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Anticoagulation Management Service

Primary Care


Diabetes Clinic


Stroke Prevention Clinic

*Credit will not be given for previous rotations


Dr. Margaret Ackman

Dr. Tammy Bungard

Ginny Cummings

Miriam Fradette

Kirsten George-Phillips

Dr. Charlotte Lang

Chloe McMillian

Mohamed Omar

Andrea Pickett

Dr. Ann Thompson

Dr. Rosaleen Boswell

*Core preceptors, others may also be involved

Minimum required credentials:

Credentials: Applicants should hold a Year 1 Pharmacy Practice Residency (ACPR) and / or a Doctor of Pharmacy as a second professional degree or Master’s Degree in advanced pharmacotherapy prior to starting the advanced pharmacy residency (Year 2).  

Licensure: Candidates must be eligible for licensure or licensed with the Alberta College of Pharmacy. Successful applicants will be required to have or obtain Additional Prescribing Authorization (APA) within 4 months of starting the program.

Organization: Alberta Health Services
Type: Variable, tertiary, quaternary
Number of beds: Variable depending on site


Edmonton Calgary
Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
Kaye Edmonton Clinic
University of Alberta Hospital
CK Hui Heart Centre / Royal Alexandra Hospital
St. Albert Primary Care Network (not an AHS site)
Libin Cardiovascular Institute

Residents: Y1: n=12; n=2 (Cardiology, Infectious Diseases)

Interested applicants should submit the following, via email, to the coordinator(s) by 1600 MST January 31, 2020:

  • Curriculum Vitae (include a list of clinical rotations from residency and/or PharmD program)
  • Letter of Intent (maximum 500 words)
  • Reference and Performance Summary from Coordinator of past Residency Program (if completed within the past 3 years) OR Academic Transcripts (if no residency completed)
  • 3 Letters of Reference (professional)

Please email the above to:

Dr. Sheri Koshman:

Dr. Glen Pearson:


Type:  Variable, tertiary, quaternary
Number of beds: Variable depending on site
Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
Kaye Edmonton Clinic
University of Alberta Hospital
CK Hui Heart Centre / Royal Alexandra Hospital
St. Albert Primary Care Network (not an AHS site)

Libin Cardiovascular Institute


Emily Cowley