Announcing the 2019 Research Grant Competition!

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The CSHP Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of funding for the 2019 Research Grant Competition. It is important to acknowledge the CSHP 2019 Strategic Business Plan and the CSHP values of excellence and innovation in patient care, inter-professional collaboration and professional development and mentorship.

A total of $30,000 has been allotted for funding research grants in 2019. A portion of these funds will be available for eligible research projects submitted by novice researchers. Novice researchers are defined as those who have served as principal investigators for fewer than 3 research publications AND fewer than 5 different research presentations (podium or poster). The remainder of the funds will be awarded at the discretion of the Grant Review Subcommittee, based on their evaluation of each submission using established criteria, and may not equal the total budget for the project. For information about recent research projects awarded grants and the amount of the grants, please see the Research Grant Recipients page on the Foundation's website.

The CSHP Foundation is committed to supporting the search for extraordinary answers, in care and in practice. In order to fund multiple deserving research grant recipients, a maximum of $15,000 per grant will be applied this year. By doing so, we hope to further support quality research, including novice researchers. Please note that average value of individual research grants awarded over the last three years is $12,017.

Did you know that Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses qualify as grant proposals in the CSHP Research Grant Competition?  We invite you to consider a submission for a systematic review or meta-analysis on any topic of relevance to the pharmaceutical sciences or pharmacy practice. The Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy welcomes this type of submission for publication.

All grant applications, including novice researcher submissions, will be judged according to the criteria established for the CSHP Foundation Research Grant Competition. Selection will be based on the submitted written proposal and budget, which must conform to the guidelines provided by the Foundation. Each submission will be objectively evaluated and ranked by reviewers external to the Foundation. Please contact the CSHP Research Committee Chair, Lauren Bresee at with any questions arising in the preparation of your submission.

Please Note: At the conclusion of the research grant project, the researcher is expected to use his or her best efforts to publish the results in a recognized scientific journal. 

The following research grant application documents are now available on the Foundation’s website: Criteria for Evaluation of Submissions, Criteria and Submission Checklist, Grant Budget and Workplan Template, and Sample Budget and Workplan.  Definitions of novice researcher, principal investigator, and research publication are provided in the Criteria and Submission Checklist.

NOTE: The online grant submission process for this 2019 grant offering is now available at  Please register at this site and submit all of your application documents in PDF format. If you have any questions about the grant application process, please contact Desarae Davidson at

The deadline for submission is October 10, 2019

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