Association Veteran to Lead CSHP

CSHP appoints Jody Ciufo as CEO


December 10, 2018, OTTAWA—The Board of Directors of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jody Ciufo as its Chief Executive Officer. Chosen through a rigorous executive search, Ms Ciufo assumes the post in January 2019 following the retirement of current executive leader, Myrella Roy, after an outstanding 15 years at the helm of CSHP.

“Jody is an experienced national association leader with an impressive record of accomplishment,” says Douglas Doucette, President of CSHP, and Chair of the CEO Search and Selection Task Force. “The Board has given her a strong mandate to grow the membership, engage the hospital pharmacy community, and make our collective voice heard. We recognize the changing landscape for societies and believe Jody has the management aptitude we need to complement the pharmaceutical leadership and expertise of our volunteers and staff.”

“Most of my career has been spent in the not-for-profit sector,” says Ms Ciufo. “I’m committed to work that serves the public good and drives systemic change across the country. The work of CSHP is integral to the best possible patient care through the advancement of safe, effective medication use in hospitals and beyond. I’m inspired by what the Society has achieved and honoured to be chosen to lead this respected organization.”

As a veteran of the association world, Ms Ciufo has worked most recently as the Executive Director of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, and with other volunteer-led membership associations such as the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, the Canadian Federation for Humanities and Social Sciences, and Engineers Canada. With a B.A. Honours (Carleton) and an MBA (Ottawa), she has demonstrated capabilities in creating member value, organizational sustainability, and strategic direction.

“Her national advocacy experience in various public policy matters will serve us well for such subjects as drug shortages, national pharmacare, and the opioid crisis — the types of issues that hospital pharmacists must be heard on,” says Dr Doucette. While at the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, Ms Ciufo initiated the award-winning Housing For All advocacy campaign that was a key factor in the federal government’s $40 billion commitment to affordable housing in 2016.

As CEO, Ms Ciufo will be responsible for the successful leadership and management of the Society in accordance with the strategic direction established by the Board of Directors. As the chief administrator of both CSHP and the CSHP Research and Education Foundation, the CEO is responsible for the management of CSHP’s office, its human resources, and the financial affairs. She can be reached at

About the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists

The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) represents pharmacy professionals working in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings who seek excellence in patient care through the advancement of safe and effective medication use. A non-profit organization, CSHP offers its over 3,000 pharmacist and pharmacy technician members a national voice through advocacy, education, information sharing, promotion of best practices, conferences, facilitation of research, and recognition of excellence. The Society publishes the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, conducts the Hospital Pharmacy in Canada Survey, and accredits pharmacy residency programs across Canada.

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