The Board, acting on behalf of CSHP members, is responsible for the governance of CSHP, ensuring that the purpose of CSHP is advanced and carried out in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, CSHP's Bylaw and policies. In doing so it oversees the management of CSHP's activities and affairs. It consists of delegates from each branch, a student delegate, a delegate from  A.P.E.S., and the Executive Committee who are elected according to the process laid out in the Bylaw.

The Board relies on input from committees, task forces, representatives and other key players for data to make policy decisions. The Branch Delegate position is key to ensuring concerns, suggestions, and questions from branch membership are appropriately conveyed to the Board and in ensuring information flows back to the Branch members.

Board Orientation

New Board Orientation 2020

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a subgroup of the Board, composed of all the Officers. Working within the scope of its authority delegated by the Board the Executive Committee oversees the activities of CSHP.

President / Président
Zack Dumont, Regina, SK

Zack is a hospital pharmacist from Regina, Saskatchewan. Throughout his six-year term on the CSHP Board as the CSHP Saskatchewan Branch Delegate, Zack had the opportunity to develop his leadership skills as a representative of SK members, all the while serving for the Society. During his term, he contributed to many working groups, task forces and committees. Zack believes that supporting others to provide care is one of the most effective ways of reaching many patients. As the Manager of Clinical Pharmacy for the Regina Area of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Zack works for a team of pharmacists, residents, and students. As an academic detailer with the RxFiles, he meets with family physicians and other HCPs to discuss optimal prescribing. Zack completed a hospital pharmacy residency, is certified in website design and development, has participated in immersive evidence-based medicine training programs, and formally studied pharmacy leadership with multiple institutions. Zack holds a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Saskatchewan and Master Degree in Pharmacy Leadership from the University of Cincinnati. Zack's current role is President Elect and Internal Liaison.


Past President / Présidente sortante 
Tania Mysak, Edmonton, AB

Tania graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSP) in 1996 from the University of Saskatchewan. After spending two years practicing community pharmacy, Tania returned to school, completing her Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) at the University of British Columbia in spring, 2000. She then practiced as a Pharmacotherapeutic Specialist at Vancouver General Hospital, ultimately specializing in Neurosciences. In the fall of 2005, Tania relocated to Edmonton where she worked as a Clinical Practice Leader (Neurosciences) and then as a Clinical Practice Manager in Alberta Health Services, working to shape clinical practice for pharmacists across the province. Tania is currently President, and responsible for the External Portfolio. In addition to her presidential duties, Tania is involved in teaching, mentoring, and precepting students and pharmacists at the undergraduate, residency and PharmD levels.


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President Elect / Présidente désignée
Shirin Abadi, Vancouver, BC

Shirin comes to the Executive Committee after completing a 6-year term on the CSHP Board as the B.C. Delegate. In addition to her time on the Board, Shirin has been involved with CSHP as a CJHP Reviewer, Fellows Committee member and CSHP BC Branch Presidential Officer. Along with her extensive volunteer work, Shirin oversees clinical and educational pharmacy services at BC Cancer in Vancouver and teaches as a Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia. Shirin obtained her B.Sc.(Pharm.) degree from UBC, her accredited Hospital Pharmacy Residency Certificate from Lions Gate Hospital, her Pharm.D. degree from University of Toronto, her Pharmacy Leadership Academy Diploma from Center for Health-System Pharmacy Leadership, and her Executive MBA degree from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

Shirin is a registered pharmacist with the College of Pharmacists of BC and a CSHP Fellow. She is an Executive Council Member at the Canadian College of Health Leaders – BCLM Chapter and the Vice Chair of Nurse Practitioners Panel at the BC College of Nurses and Midwives. She is a key contributor to clinical practice and is passionate about the provision of exemplary patient care with the ultimate goal of improving patient health outcomes and safety, and reducing healthcare costs.

Treasurer / Trésorière
Tamar Koleba, Vancouver, BC

Tamar is currently a Director of Pharmacy with the four health authorities in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, overseeing pharmacy services in community settings such as the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, long term care, mental health and substance use services, provincial correctional health and rural and remote areas of Coastal BC. She spent a year as a volunteer pharmacist in Zambia, has worked as a clinical pharmacist in an HIV clinic and a community hospital, led a quality initiative to implement the NAPRA sterile compounding standards, and has held progressive leadership roles as a dispensary supervisor, coordinator, and manager.

Tamar has been a member of CSHP-AB and BC, held the secretary role with CSHP-AB, and is a past president of CSHP-BC. She has volunteered for a number of years with a neighbourhood small grant program and several community kitchens in Vancouver. In addition to a CSHP-accredited residency and post-baccalaureate PharmD, Tamar has a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Victoria. As Treasurer, Tamar is responsible for CSHP’s Finance Portfolio.

Chief Executive Officer / Directrice générale
Jody Ciufo, Ottawa, ON

As a veteran of the association world, Jody has worked most recently as the Executive Director of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, and with other volunteer-led membership associations such as the Canadian Housing and Renewal Association, the Canadian Federation for Humanities and Social Sciences, and Engineers Canada. With a B.A. Honours (Carleton) and an MBA (Ottawa), she has demonstrated capabilities in creating member value, organizational sustainability, and strategic direction.

As CEO, Jody will be responsible for the successful leadership and management of the Society in accordance with the strategic direction established by the Board of Directors. As the chief administrator of both CSHP and the CSHP Research and Education Foundation, the CEO is responsible for the management of CSHP’s office, its human resources, and the financial affairs.

Branch, A.P.E.S. and Student Delegates / Délégués


Alberta / Alberta
Ian Creurer, Red Deer, AB

Saskatchewan / Saskatchewan
Melanie McLeod, Regina, SK

Jarrid McKitrick_0.jpg
Manitoba / Manitoba
Jarrid McKitrick, Winnipeg, MB


New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick 
Chantal Michaud, Moncton, NB

Chilo Winter- CSHP Photo_0.jpg
Newfoundland and Labrador / Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador
Chilo Winter, Mount Pearl, NL

Nova Scotia / Nouvelle-Écosse
Alanna McQuaid, Halifax, NS


Ontario (Senior / déléguée principale) 
Megan Riordon, Kingston, ON

Ontario (Junior/ déléguée débutante) 
Vivian Lee, Selwyn, ON

Prince Edward Island / Île-du-Prince-Edouard
Sarah Lutes, Charlottetown, PE


Quebec / Québec (A.P.E.S. representative)
Fanny Blanchet, Laval, QC

British Columbia / Colombie-Britannique 
Arden Barry,
Vancouver, BC

Student Delegate / Délégué des étudiants
Jordan Kelly,
Calgary, AB