Board of Pharmacy Specialties Seeks Pharmacists to Serve on its 2021 Specialty Councils

A total of 29 Board Certified and Non-Specialist Positions Available

The Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) has issued a Call for Nominations for Specialists (Board-Certified Pharmacists) and Non-Specialist Pharmacists to serve on eleven of 13 Specialty Councils.


The term of appointment for BPS Specialty Council members for this call is January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2023. BPS must receive nomination materials by Monday, April 13, 2020. The Councils will review nominations during their summer business meetings. The BPS Board of Directors will consider recommendations for appointments. BPS anticipates the decision of new Specialty Council Members to be made before September 2020.


Specialty Councils serve the following purposes:

  • To recommend to the BPS standards and other requirements for certification and recertification of pharmacists in the specialty.
  • To develop and administer examinations as required for certification and recertification of pharmacists in the specialty.
  • To evaluate the qualifications of individual pharmacists and to submit to the BPS the names of those pharmacists recommended for certification or recertification in the specialty.


Specialist Position (Board-Certified Pharmacist): Pharmacists holding current BPS Board Certification in the pharmacy specialty area under the responsibility of the Council are eligible to apply.

Non-Specialist Position (non Board-Certified Pharmacist in that Specialty): Pharmacists who do not hold Board certification in the pharmacy specialty area under the responsibility of the Council are eligible to apply. Non-specialists should have practice expertise that is complementary to, but distinct from, the specialty area. A Non-specialist member must not be Board-eligible in the specialty area for consideration but may hold board certification in other specialty areas.

Prospective Specialty Council members must have at least 5 years of experience in the specialty practice area. Specialty Councils should be comprised of pharmacists with extensive practice expertise across different practice settings. Participation on other licensure or certification boards, and experience with BPS activities (i.e., as an item writer, role delineation study panel participant) are preferred, but not required.

BPS has outlined ideal expertise, practice setting, and experience of prospective Board-Certified Pharmacist nominees based on the needs of each Specialty Council for this appointment cycle. Please note that the Specialty Councils strive to maintain a mix of practice expertise and practice setting. As such, the needs of each Specialty Council is different and will vary from appointment cycle to appointment cycle. A description of desired characteristics and a link to nomination materials are provided below.


BPS must receive all the following items NO LATER THAN Monday, April 13, 2020.

  1. Completed and signed Nomination Form:
  2. Statement of Interest (300 words or less) — response to the question: “Why are you interested in serving as a member of the BPS Specialty Council?”
  3. Resumé or curriculum vitae,
  4. Signed Disclosure and Confidentiality Statement Documents of two Letters(s) of Recommendation (optional)


Interested candidates should carefully review and consider the qualifications, position duties, responsibilities, and required time commitment for a Specialist Member and Non-Specialist of the Specialty Council as well as the desired characteristics. For a list of Specialty Councils and characteristics, please select the "more information" button below.