Call for National Student Delegate 2021-2023

Are you a first, second or third year pharmacy student? If you are, CSHP is calling on YOU to be the Student Delegate on the CSHP National Board, representing pharmacy students across the country.

The Benefits

You will have an opportunity to:

  • Help shape and lead the future of hospital pharmacy in Canada.
  • Gain access to up-to-date information about the challenges and opportunities facing CSHP and the profession of hospital pharmacy.
  • Exchange ideas and perspectives with leaders in hospital pharmacy.

Are You Qualified?

Candidates must be:

  • A CSHP Student Supporter (in good standing).
  • Full-time student pharmacist during at least the first year of the Student Delegate term and enrolled in an academic program in Canada.
  • Committed to CSHP and the profession of hospital pharmacy.

Student Delegate Responsibilities

  • Be the voice of pharmacy students and a voting member on CSHP National Board.
  • Be the voice of CSHP on CAPSI Council.
  • Attend the AGM and Fall Board Meetings (held in October each year) and the Mid-term Board meetings (held in April each year).
  • Attend PDW, typically held in January.
    • To communicate with CAPSI’s PDW Planning Committee to approach CSHP with respect to establishing a hospital pharmacy-specific talk during each annual PDW conference.
    • Attend PDW Awards Ceremony and present the CSHP/CAPSI Hospital Pharmacy Student Award to recipient.
    • Assist the representative from the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board in staffing the CSHP booth at the PDW Health Fair.
    • Represent CSHP at the CAPSI Council Meeting and report issues to the CSHP Board at the Mid-term Board Meeting in April.
  • Prepare semi-annual reports to the CSHP Board and to CAPSI Council.
  • Prepare reports to CSHP branch student representatives at least twice a year.
  • Promote hospital pharmacy practice and CSHP to pharmacy students.
  • Be an active collaborator with other communications and membership volunteers and the National Office staff.
  • Liaise with local CSHP student representatives at each pharmacy school through written communication and semi-annual teleconferencesas well as at PDW.
  • Hold a leadership position as the Chair of the CSHP Student Committee, liaising with local CSHP student representatives at each pharmacy school through written communication and semi-annual teleconferences.


Two-year term – from immediately after the 2021 national Annual General Meeting (AGM) to the close of the 2023 national AGM.

Note: The 2021 AGM, Fall Board Meetings and Sessions will be held in Mississauga, ON in October 2021.

How Do You Apply

Please submit:

  • A letter of intent documenting why you are an ideal candidate.
  • A letter of support (i.e.,reference letter).
  • Your curriculum vitae.

Email your application documents to Rosemary Pantalone by e-mail at by Thursday, April 8, 2021.

Please Note: Any reference to meetings in this document will, for the foreseeable future, be virtual meetings.

Questions? Feel free to contact Jordan Kelly by e-mail at if you have any questions about this position. Jordan is the current CSHP Student Delegate on the national CSHP Board of Directors.