Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) recognizes 2019 National Award winners

February 03, 2020, OTTAWA – Canada’s top achievements in the field of pharmacy practice in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings were celebrated at the 2020 CSHP National Awards celebration on Saturday night at the Hilton Toronto.

“Each one of these recipients exemplifies what CSHP stands for to improve patient care,” stated Jody Ciufo, Chief Executive Officer for CSHP. “We are celebrating together, as a member-driven community, to recognize their contributions to significant innovations and developments in the field of Canadian pharmacy practice in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings. Our gratitude goes out to HealthPRO Procurement Services and SteriMax for sponsoring this evening’s awards.”

The ceremony was held on February 01, 2020 during the CSHP Professional Practice Conference (PPC), attended by more than 300 members of CSHP from across Canada.


Excellence in Pharmacy Practice – Interprofessional Collaboration

This award recognizes an individual or team that has worked effectively across disciplines or boundaries to improve pharmacy practice or patient care.

Jenny C. Chiu and Alice Watt

Winning submission: Development of Standardized Opioid Prescriptions for Post‑Laparoscopic Appendectomy and Cholecystectomy Surgeries and Implementation of Patient Information on Safer Opioid Use

Excellence in Pharmacy Practice – Leadership

Sponsored by HealthPRO Procurement Services Inc.

This award recognizes the leadership of an individual or team that has successfully guided a group of pharmacy professionals to a higher, sustained level of performance or has expertly managed a crisis situation or other difficult time.

Holly Mansell and Nicola Rosaasen

Winning submission: Development of a Patient-Centered Video Series to Improve Outcomes for Kidney and Lung Transplant Patients

Excellence in Pharmacy Practice – Patient Care

Sponsored by SteriMax Inc.

This award recognizes an individual or team that has demonstrated outstanding performance in improving patient specific outcomes through their practice.

Nathalie Gagnon

Winning Submission: Radiology Exam and Postoperative/Post-Sedation Breastfeeding: Internal Initiatives and Information Documents

Hospital Pharmacy Student Award

Co-Sponsored by CSHP and the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI)

This award is presented to an undergraduate pharmacy student who exhibits the traits of a future hospital pharmacy practitioner through participation in the education of healthcare practitioners, the public or patients, and/or through voluntary participation in CSHP activities.

2020 Winner: Dillon Lee

Honorary Membership

Conferred in recognition of outstanding career contributions to hospital pharmacy (or some related field of healthcare) and for exceptional service to the mission of CSHP.

2019 Honorary Member: Robert (Bob) Nakagawa

About the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists

The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) represents pharmacy professionals working in hospitals and other collaborative healthcare settings who seek excellence in patient care through the advancement of safe and effective medication use. A non-profit organization, CSHP offers its over 3,000 pharmacist and pharmacy technician members a national voice through advocacy, education, information sharing, promotion of best practices, conferences, facilitation of research, and recognition of excellence. The Society publishes the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, conducts the Hospital Pharmacy in Canada Survey, and accredits pharmacy residency programs across Canada.

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