Chief Pharmacy Officer Testifies at North Dakota Legislature


"[...] importation threatens our ability to provide excellent care for patients."

On January 27th, 2021, Christina Adams, CSHP’s Chief Pharmacy Officer, testified before the North Dakota state legislature in an effort to protect Canadian patients from worsening drug shortages. North Dakota, like several other American states, has proposed wholesale drug importation from Canada as a solution to rising drug costs. On behalf of CSHP members, Adams testified that “wholesale drug importation will hurt Canadians and will not help North Dakota residents with drug prices.” 

Adams warned in her testimony that importation threatens our ability to provide excellent care for patients, noting that “Canadian pharmacists already manage as many as 2,000 drug shortages at any given time.” She educated state legislators about some of the difficult realities hospital pharmacists encounter: “Instead of doing clinical work with patients, pharmacists spend too much time sourcing scarce drugs.” CSHP is honoured to represent Canadian hospital pharmacists to policy makers both locally and across the border.  

CSHP is a member of the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP) Canada, advocating for a ban on medicine exports to the U.S. In support of this mission, Adams has previously delivered testimony before the Connecticut and Wyoming state legislatures, and provided a public comment to the state of New Mexico. CSHP will continue to advocate for our members and to fight any policies that threaten our patients' health.