CCAPP Pharmacy Technician Program Accreditation Standards

The Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP) develops and maintains accreditation standards to assess the quality of Canadian pharmacy technician programs. A review and revision of the current version of the Accreditation Standard for Pharmacy Technician Programs in Canada was launched in fall 2016 with the intent that revised standards would be available as early as January 2018. Through the CCAPP Standards Committee, a task force was established and draft revised accreditation standards were developed for further consultation.

CCAPP is seeking stakeholder feedback into the proposed Accreditation Standards for Canadian Pharmacy Technician Programs DFTv3. Six documents are attached for your review:

  • the Standards DFTv3;
  • the associated mandatory self-study templates (Appendix A to Appendix D);
  • and the Stakeholder Feedback Form.

To streamline the response and review process, please submit your comments using the feedback form (Word) and its instructions, to