#COVID19RX at Together: Canada’s Hospital Pharmacy Conference

Together: Canada’s Hospital Pharmacy Conference (March 20 – 27) offers wide-ranging sessions on the COVID-19 pandemic, with the cutting-edge information and specialized approaches you need to stay up to date. Whether you want to learn about vaccinations, remote clinical services, or drug interactions in the context of the pandemic, you’ll find invaluable conference sessions for every member of your team.  

COVID-19 vaccines and medication 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization stated that vaccine hesitancy was one of the 10 biggest threats to global health. In response to this urgent problem, Noni MacDonald will present “How to increase vaccine acceptance in the time of COVID: evidence-based strategies.” You’ll gain practical, evidence-based tools to assess and address individuals’ reasons for vaccine hesitancy, and to improve vaccine acceptance in hospital settings. For a thorough overview of vaccine options, tune in to Natalie Dayneka’s session “COVID-19 vaccines,” in which she’ll detail the efficacy, safety, administration, and storage of each type of vaccine that has been approved in Canada. This is a great chance to deepen your knowledge of the key differences between each COVID-19 vaccine. 

Alongside informing yourself about vaccines, stay up to date on treating COVID-19 in hospital settings with Kendra Hewlett’s “Potential drug-drug interactions in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.” Kendra will share why COVID-19 patients are at high risk for drug-drug interactions, and she'll offer suggestions to safely care for patients in hospital settings.  

Patient care during COVID-19 

To learn about the intersection of patient care, technology, and the pandemic, join us for Maria Marchese’s session on virtual delivery of clinical pharmacy services. She’ll share the challenges and successes of her team’s experiences providing remote services. Maria will also co-present with Angela Heintzman a fascinating survey of pharmacy professionals to help attendees understand how oncology clinical pharmacists coordinated remote services during the pandemic. Continue learning about innovative methods of patient care with Hannah Corney’s presentation on how pharmacists used an electronic handover tool to seamlessly care for patients with COVID-19.  

Pharmacists in the pandemic 

If you’re curious about the varied roles of pharmacists during the pandemic, you’ll appreciate Hannah’s "Evaluation of expanded pharmacist coverage in critical care areas during COVID-19.” She’ll share her research's implications for novel staffing models for pharmacists, and evidence-based lessons to be learned from pharmacists’ contributions during COVID-19. To gain insight into hospital pharmacists’ experiences during the pandemic, tune in to a fascinating discussion with Patrick Yeh, Rochelle Gellatly, and Rumi McGloin on pharmacists’ perceptions of preparedness and wellbeing in 2019.  

Register now for Together: Canada’s Hospital Pharmacy Conference to join us for these urgent conversations. We know you’ll leave the conference feeling enriched and equipped to face the challenges ahead as we continue to battle this pandemic.