CSHP Foundation Education Sabbatical Grant Spotlight: Cheryl Borody

By: Amanda Iannaccio


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Cheryl Borody, BSc Pharmacy, ACPR

Clinical Pharmacist, Pediatric Emergency Department, Alberta Children's Hospital, Calgary

Traineeship: Expansion of Clinical Pharmacy Practice to the Alberta Children's Hospital Emergency Department

Cheryl received a CSHP Foundation Education Sabbatical Grant of $2,055.

Q: Briefly describe your education sabbatical.
A: For my sabbatical I travelled to Vancouver, British Columbia to shadow the pediatric emergency department (ED) pharmacist Kendra Sih at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital (BCCH).

Q: How did the sabbatical idea come about?
A: The Alberta Children’s Hospital (ACH) in Calgary, Alberta has expanded the role of the pharmacist within the hospital and implemented a new clinical position in the pediatric emergency department as of January 2018. As this is the first of its kind in Alberta, I wanted to gain experience, mentorship, a sense of what the clinical practice could be, and a benchmark for the pharmacist’s role within patient care. BCCH started their clinical emergency practice in 2013 and has an established practice with a dedicated emergency pharmacist who I shadowed for two weeks.

Q: How will your sabbatical benefit your pharmacist practice?
The benefits of this education grant are countless for our clinical team and practice within the ED. I value the support and experience that was offered by Kendra, with the encouragement that our new practice at ACH is on the right track. I was able to identify gaps in which we could have an impact on patient care. Kendra provided me with various pediatric references, showcased her research and committee work specific to the ED, and gave guidance on precepting learners in this chaotic environment. Kendra connected us to a national pediatric emergency pharmacist group that provides support for practice and therapeutic issues. This support will be vital as the ACH ED clinical pharmacist team develops and continues to grow in our practice.

Q: Why should others consider the CSHP Foundation Education Sabbatical Grant?
This education grant created an excellent opportunity to connect two pharmacy departments and provided mentorship, clinical exposure, and patient experiences that were valuable in starting a practice initiative. The two weeks I spent at BCCH provided a benchmark for our practice goals and established a support network for our clinical team. CSHP is actively supporting the expansion of clinical pharmacy practice in hospital settings with these grants.

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