CSHP President, Douglas Doucette's, Opening Address and CSHP CEO, Jody Ciufo's, Remarks to Delegates at the 50th PPC

CSHP President, Douglas Doucette, says goodbye to retired Executive Director, Myrella Roy, and welcomes new CEO, Jody Ciufo, at PPC –

During Myrella’s tenure, CSHP developed quality professional practice materials that culminated in the outstanding Pharmacy 2015 program. And created a policy pipeline into federal decision makers to improve patient care with respect to safe medication use… This is a strong Society. And for it to continue to be strong and relevant, we needed to recognize the changing landscape that associations across the country – including ours – are facing. Further external pressures within the healthcare sector have begun to affect CSHP. So when Myrella announced her retirement, the Board thought deeply about how to meet these challenges and the type of leadership we required to stay ahead of the curve. We were united in the decision to hire Jody Ciufo as our new CEO.

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New CEO, Jody Ciufo, shares her motivation and mandate with PPC delegates –

Imagine how incredibly grateful I am, to work alongside professionals whose primary concern is caring for the wellbeing of Canadians, especially for the frail and vulnerable among us. Pharmacare, excellence in practice, the opioid crisis, and other issues at the heart of patient care are all responses to the problems I saw for years [in my work in affordable housing and homelessness].  This is the type of systemic change across the country that I am wholly committed to.

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