CSHP is Proud to Take Part in Digital Health Week: Nov. 11–17, 2019

Digital Health Week

Seven in 10 Canadians can access some of their personal health information online, which helps them better manage their health. Additionally, 85% of primary care physicians use EMRs and 82% say they provide more efficient care with electronic records. Now that’s something to celebrate — which is exactly what CSHP will be doing Nov. 1117 during Digital Health Week. 

The awareness week celebrates the difference digital health is making and is now part of the ACCESS 2022 movement, which is uniting patients, clinicians, industry, government, and other stakeholders to help create a modern, 21st century health system.

Celebrate by joining the ACCESS 2022 movement with CSHP or add your voice to the conversation on digital health throughout the week using #ThinkDigitalHealth. Visit Access2022.ca to learn more.