CSHP Publishing News June 25, 2020

CJHP to be published quarterly

In response to pre-existing financial challenges worsened by COVID-19, the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy will move to four issues per year, instead of its current six. Beginning in the 2020-21 fiscal year, this is one of many other cost-cutting measures including staff reductions and the postponement of the Hospital Pharmacy in Canada Survey until next year.

“CSHP planned to draw from the reserves to improve our value to members as part of the Strategy Towards Sustainability,” says CSHP CEO Jody Ciufo. “But the cancellation of PPC 2021 and other situations due to COVID-19 will drastically affect our revenues and the CSHP Board needed to find ways to reduce our spending. This move alone will save almost $80,000 for the society.”

CJHP’s Editor in Chief Stephen Shalansky says, “This Journal is the research home of hospital pharmacists in Canada and is supported through substantial funding from CSHP. Subscriptions and advertising alone cover a small fraction of its production.” 

Peer review is the basic currency of academic journals – CJHP’s cadre of expert volunteers assess original manuscripts, weigh scientific arguments and offer feedback to authors on over 100 articles each year that the Editorial Board curates into various issues. Despite the quality and volume of this volunteer work, publication of the Journal relies on production expertise and processes that remain largely unseen to readers.

The Board of the Canadian Association of Learned Journals writes, “The nature and costs of scholarly publishing start where the researcher and their peers leave off: with copyediting, fact- and citation-checking, layout, illustration creation, proofreading, marketing and building authoritative brands that other researchers can rely on for authority.”

Ciufo says, “These functions are a necessary investment in quality and none can be individually eliminated. To manage our costs, the CSHP Board agreed that cutting back by two issues would be the best way to assure ongoing excellence.”

“While recent events may have prompted this re-evaluation, they have also presented an opportunity to re-think our approach to publishing CJHP, which has remained largely unchanged for many years,” adds Shalansky. “The Editorial Board will carefully consider the journal’s strengths, areas for potential improvement, and how we might capitalize on the changing publication landscape to improve all aspects of the way we publish the journal we have all come to rely on over the years.”

Possible changes include a higher bar for article acceptance, reducing certain word count maximums, and ceasing some types of articles. These decisions rest wholly with the Editorial Board.

Stephen Shalansky assures CSHP members that what won’t change is CJHP’s commitment to publishing the best hospital pharmacy research in Canada. “We’ll be relying on our community of readers, contributors, and reviewers to keep us at the forefront of knowledge, by and for hospital pharmacists and technicians.” As such, the Editorial Board of CJHP asks all Canadian Hospital Pharmacists to re-commit to submitting their research for consideration of publication, and to renewing their availability as reviewers of submission from their peers.

The next issue of CJHP will be published in the fall.

Deadline for contributing to Hospital News extended!

The Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with Hospital News again this year to feature hospital pharmacy practice in its August 2020 edition. This collaboration allows CSHP members from coast to coast to coast to showcase the valuable work they are doing in hospital pharmacy. If you or your student are interested in submitting content for publication, please reach out to Jessica Robinson, Professional Practice Specialist (jrobinson@cshp.ca) with a proposed topic by July 3. Articles should be between 600-800 words and directed towards health professionals. For reference, please see last year’s insert here.