A CSHP Statement on COVID-19


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March 14, 2020

To all our members.
Amidst the uncertainty and misinformation we see around us, each of you is a source of stability, information and hope for people across the country. Hospital pharmacies across Canada and around the world are at the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. You are the difference between containment and contagion and will be an incredible force for stemming the illness and the confusion.
Late yesterday, CSHP joined a call with the Canadian Pharmacists Association, the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities, the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada, provincial regulators, industry and other national and provincial pharmacy associations. On the table were issues such as availability of medications, appropriate personal protective equipment and other ways of ensuring pharmacies in hospital, community and elsewhere are safe. Throughout the pandemic, CSHP will be participating in ongoing discussions with these associations, to ensure that hospital pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are kept up-to-date on all the latest information available. 
In an effort to share information and best hospital pharmacy practices regarding COVID-19, we've set up a special Pharmacy Specialty Network (PSN). You can join the COVID-19 PSN through www.QID.io.

As pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, we're very much in the public eye and so we can use this to model appropriate hygiene, social distancing, precautions around travel and other local guidelines that are evolving on a constant basis.
Care for patients is at the heart of the hospital pharmacy profession. During the pandemic, you put yourself at even higher risk than you normally experience in the course of your work. We acknowledge the dedication and professionalism that underscores your service to public health. We also see your humanity and the vulnerability inherent in that service and are here to support you through this journey. 
Stay safe and healthy. 





P.S. The CSHP national office continues to operate and provide member services. In an abundance of caution, staff are working from home and are able to fulfill their responsibilities remotely. We will monitor the situation and advise of any changes. If you experience any difficulties, please get in touch with pzerbin@cshp.ca