Distinguished Service Award

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Submission deadline: September 30, 2020 (23:59 Pacific Time)

Purpose and criteria

The Distinguished Service Award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement in hospital pharmacy practice, primarily in Canada, to a Member of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP), who has held membership (including student membership) for a minimum of 15 cumulative years and who has been practicing as a pharmacist for a minimum of 20 cumulative years. It is awarded for significant ongoing contributions to hospital pharmacy practice and to CSHP primarily at the national level but also at the branch level (including A.P.E.S.).

For the purposes of determining eligibility and relative merit of the candidates, the following definitions of achievement will be used:

Evidence of outstanding achievement 

Achievements have been recognized for their creativity or have led to a fundamental positive change in the way pharmacists practise and should be emulated by others. Recognition of such achievements should be indicated in the supporting documentation accompanying the nomination.

1. Evidence must include the following criterion:

Participation in pharmacy organizations:

  • There must be CSHP involvement through participation in activities, committees and programs primarily at the national level but also at the branch level (including A.P.E.S.). Only officer positions or chairs will be considered, where leadership and effective accomplishment of committee goals and objectives are evident.
  • Participation in CSHP activities, committees and programs must be for a minimum of 10 years (or a combination of 10 years of service to CSHP and A.P.E.S.).
  • The candidate has made a substantial impact on hospital pharmacy practice through this activity. Impact on practice should be indicated in a letter of support.
  • If one of the achievement areas is the management of a professional journal, the contributions should have had an impact on patient care or hospital pharmacy practice. Such contributions should be supported by a letter, indicating the nature of the proposed impact, from the editor or associate editor.
2. Evidence must also include at least one of the following three criteria:

  • CSHP Fellow (FCSHP) status
  • Publications and Presentations: a series of articles or presentations on a few topics based on the candidate’s study of these areas or original research evidenced by his/her publications appearing in peer-reviewed journals. Articles must be relevant to the Canadian hospital pharmacy experience. The subject matter of the publications/presentations provides evidence of the candidate's practice accomplishments and demonstrates their willingness to share ideas, success, and leadership qualities. Research must have an impact on patient care or pharmacy practice.
  • Awards: from professional non-profit voluntary organizations (e.g. CSHP, CPhA, CCCP, A.P.E.S., ASHP, ACCP, regulatory authorities, etc.) for the advancement of hospital pharmacy practice. Include awards received in recognition of contribution made to patient care or pharmacy practice.

Only one award will be conferred in a given year; if no candidate is outstanding, the award will not be granted.

About the award

Due to the cancellation of in-person events at the 52nd Annual Professional Practice Conference (PPC), the 2020-2021 National Awards Ceremony will be held virtually for the first time. The ceremony will be scheduled in conjunction with other PPC online sessions.

The winner will receive a framed certificate and an invitation to attend the awards ceremony.

Award details

Nominations will be adjudicated by the National Awards Committee. Assessment will be based solely on the information provided. Following the adjudication process, a Selection Committee – composed of past recipients of the Distinguished Service Award, CSHP Executive Officers, and members of the CSHP Fellows (FCSHP) Recognition Committee – will make the final selection.

The names of the nominees will be kept confidential throughout the adjudication and selection process. Only the name of the successful candidate will be made public.

  • Nominations due by September 30, 2020 (23:59 Pacific Time)
  • Winner contacted by November 13, 2020
  • Winner announced in January via website, email, and social media

Submission details

There is no longer a requirement to complete an online nomination. The nomination now consists of the following five components: 

  • A nomination letter (not exceeding 1000 words) which outlines the nominee’s service to CSHP and also describes how their achievements have been recognized for their creativity or led to a fundamental positive change in pharmacy practice. Letter must demonstrate how the candidate meets the nomination criteria for the award and include information on which of the nominee’s “projects” makes this individual worthy of receiving the Distinguished Service Award. This letter must be written by a CSHP Member (individual with a professional degree in pharmacy who supports the mission of CSHP and who has paid membership fees) and include contact information.
  • Up to three letters of support (not exceeding 300 words each) from individuals, other than the nominator (including contact information), who have first-hand knowledge of the accomplishments of the candidate and can substantiate how the candidate meets the criteria for the award. CSHP membership is not required to submit a letter of support.
  • Any supporting documentation to provide additional information about the nominee, such as print or online news articles, presentations, publications, certificates of achievement, profile, or biography (please limit supporting documents to four pages each). The nominee’s contribution to hospital pharmacy practice must be documented in sufficient detail to allow adjudication and selection.
  • Nominee’s curriculum vitae
  • Completed signature form

Completed nominations may be returned to CSHP by mail, fax, or email.

Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists
30 Concourse Gate, Unit 3, Ottawa ON K2E 7V7
Toll Free: 877-340-2756, ext. 222
Direct: 613-909-9964
Fax: 613-736-5660
E-mail: awards@cshp.ca             

If you would like more information, please contact Robyn Rockwell, Membership and Awards Administrator, at rrockwell@cshp.ca or (877) 340-2756, ext. 222.

Past award recipients

Learn more about past award recipients in the Distinguished Service Awards Corner

2021 Margaret Gray
2020 No candidates this year
2019 Moira Wilson
2018 Mary H H Ensom
2017 No candidates this year
2016 Donald Kuntz 
2015 Margaret Colquhoun
2014 Kelly Babcock
2013 Régis Vaillancourt
2012 Carolyn Bornstein
2011 Myrella Roy
2010 Emily Musing
2009 Robin J Ensom
2008 Nancy Roberts
2007 Thomas W Paton
2006 Linda Poloway
2005 Bill Bartle
2004 Garry King
2003 Bob Nakagawa
2002 Glen R Brown
2001 Charlie Bayliff*
2000 James Blackburn
1999 Bonnie Salsman
1998 Scott Walker
1997 Rosemary Bacovsky
1996 Kevin Hall
1995 James L Mann
1994 William (Bill) McLean*
1993 Pauline Beaulac
1992 William Wilson
1991 C Brian Tuttle
1990 Reta Fowler*
1989 Alan Samuelson
1988 Bruce R Schnell
1987 Jack Dancey*
1986 William R Foltas*
1985 Donna M Shaw*
1984 Sister Grace Sauvé
1983 Mary T Gannon*
1982 J Glen Moir*
1981 Brian A Dinel
1980 Betty C Riddell*
1979 Jack L Summers*
1978 Douglas J Stewart*
1977 Phyllis Yagi*
1976 Orest Buchko*
1975 Muriel Hale
1974 Anne O’Toole*
1973 Leonard Gibson*
1972 J Edwin Smith*
1971 Paule Benfante*
1970 Gordon Brown*
1969 Isabel E Stauffer*
1968 Jacqueline McCarthy
1967 Michael J V Naylor

* indicates deceased