Gloria Day, CPRB Administrator, retires after 26 years with CSHP


After 26 years of employment with CSHP, Gloria Day, Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board (CPRB) Administrator, retired in November 2019. Gloria was exceptionally dedicated and loyal to CSHP; at the time of her retirement, she was the Society’s longest standing employee!

Gloria knew the Society from several angles, having worked as CSHP’s receptionist and administrator for advocacy, awards, conferences, publications, and CPRB during her tenure. She secured her first job with CSHP as a part-time receptionist in July of 1993. Her role within CSHP grew as the number and types of programs expanded. Gloria provided diligent and steadfast administrative assistance to the CPRB for more than 16 years, supporting the release of the 2010 Accreditation Standards and assisting with the celebration of the Board’s 50th anniversary at the 2012 Professional Practice Conference. She executed the deletion of the word “Hospital” from the name of the Canadian Pharmacy Residency Board in all applicable materials, according to the Board’s decision in 2014 to recognize the broader pharmacy practice environments where residencies take place.

Gloria supported the issuance in 2016 of the Accreditation Standards for Advanced (Year 2) Pharmacy Residencies in order to accredit programs that focus on a specific therapeutic area (e.g., cardiology, oncology, infectious diseases), a specific patient population (e.g., pediatrics, geriatrics), or a specific type of practice (e.g., primary/ambulatory care, critical care), and she helped implement the 2017 upgrade to the pharmacy residency matching service.  

 “Throughout her career, Gloria advanced so many aspects of our work and took great pride in fulfilling her responsibilities with care. As the CPRB Administrator, she connected with the future leaders of hospital pharmacy in the early days of their careers. Very few of our most prominent members would have not worked with Gloria during their involvement with CSHP. We will certainly miss her and wish her well in her retirement.” 
~Jody Ciufo, CSHP CEO