Health Canada: Cost-Benefit Analysis Survey for Transitioning Regulations of Interim Orders into Permanent Regulations

In 2020, Health Canada developed interim orders to help prevent and alleviate drug and medical device shortages. The interim orders & measures are with respect to: 

(1) Drugs, Medical Devices, and Foods for a Special Dietary Purpose in Relation to COVID-19 can be found here 

(2) The Prevention and Alleviation of Shortages of Drugs in Relation to COVID-19 can be found here 

(3) Drug Shortages (Safeguarding the Drug Supply) can be found here 

(4) Faster access to disinfectants and hand sanitizers that do not fully meet regulatory requirements in Canada can be found here 

Health Canada is currently asking industry and healthcare stakeholders to complete a Cost-Benefit Analysis Survey to help understand how the proposed regulations could have a positive or negative impact on the Canadian industry and healthcare professionals. The qualitative descriptions and quantitative data collected from responses will inform Health Canada as it develops the proposed regulations and aims to minimize costs while achieving the desired outcome of the regulations. The Cost-Benefit Analysis Survey, in both English and French, is attached below and has been requested to be submitted to by March 1, 2021. 

English - Cost-Benefit Analysis Survey

French - Enquête sur l’analyse coûts-avantages

A Previous CSHP Article regarding the Interim Orders can also be found here