Honorary Membership

In recognition of outstanding career contributions to hospital pharmacy or some related field of healthcare, CSHP Members may nominate their colleagues for CSHP Honorary Membership. The new Honorary Member will be recognized at his or her discretion either during a Branch event in his or her home province or during the Awards Ceremony at the Professional Practice Conference (PPC).

Honorary Members are Members who have been elected by two thirds majority of the entire membership of the Board in recognition of outstanding contributions to the advancement of hospital pharmacy or a related healthcare field, and exceptional service directly or indirectly to the mission of CSHP. The status of Honorary Member shall be granted for life, subject to the provisions of Bylaw Article 3.1.1, and subject to the Policy on Honorary Membership. Honorary Members shall be exempt from the payment of membership fees.

Honorary Members

Congratulations to Robert (Bob) Nakagawa, CSHP's newest Honorary Member! 

Rosemary A Bacovsky

Henri R Manasse, Jr

Bernard E Riedel *

Orest Buchko *

Mitsuho (Mits) Miyata

Sister Grace Sauvé

Denise Leclerc Chevalier *

Robert S Nakagawa (2019)

Bruce Schnell

Gordon Duff *

Irene Nicoll

Isabel E Stauffer *

Sylvie Dupont

Joseph A Oddis

John Turnbull *
Mary H H Ensom Anne O'Toole * C Brian Tuttle

Yvonne Gray *

Don Perrier

William Wensley

Fela Viso Gurovich

Charlotte Richter

Walter Maday * Betty C Riddell *  

* indicates deceased

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