Metoclopramide 2mL Vial Shortage

CSHP has been informed that there will a disruption in the supply of metoclopramide 5 mg/mL, 2 mL vial size, for at least two weeks in March. This in turn could lead to critically low inventory at some facilities. It is recommended that mitigation strategies be used to conserve the remaining supply of 2mL vials so that patients who need it the most can have access to this medication (e.g. palliative care patients).  These mitigation strategies can include:

  • Using 10mL and 30 mL vials to batch mini-bags
  • Substituting injectable metoclopramide with oral tablets whenever feasible
  • Keeping a close eye on stock and rotating aggressively with floors that are big users (e.g. oncology) to prevent wastage
  • Reducing the amount of 2mL stock in Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs), especially on floors that use metoclopramide IV exclusively.  This allows the 2mL format to be diverted to floors that need it (e.g. palliative care)
  • Encourage pharmacists to speak directly with prescribers about reducing use (e.g. emergency department where use can be high and likely more discretion or an alternative could be used)

The anticipated resupply date for Sandoz metoclopramide 5 mg/mL, 2 mL is late March 2021.