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Continuing Education Events for 2016-17

Date Event
March 28, 2017 Sarai Hamodat and Theresa Hurley
Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose and Antidote Kit Review
February 15, 2017 Pam McLean-Veysey and Dr. S Hickcox
Suboxone in Addiction Management
November 22, 2016 Tasha Ramsey
Are you PREPared for the new forms of HIV prophylaxis? A review of the human immunodeficiency virus pre and post-exposure prophylaxis
October 25, 2016 Susan Bowles
Review of Post Op Delirium
September 13, 2016 Dr . Emily Reeve
Deprescribing: What is it and how to overcome barriers to optimizing medication use in your practice

Continuing Education Events for 2015-16

Date Event
March 22, 2016 Jennifer Bessey, Lucas Thorne-Humphrey, Dr. K Peltekian and Tasha Ramsey
Burning Issues with PPI's
February 23, 2016

Melissa Gehrig
Ensuring the Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics in the Elderly

Melanie MacInnis
Appropriateness of anti-psychotics in children, adolescents, and youth

November 19, 2015 Kim Kelly and Pam McLean-Veysey
Drug Evaluation Unit Short & Snappies: Highlights from Academic Detailing
October 15, 2015 Dr. Neil MacKinnon and Dr. Jonathan Penm
Hospital Pharmacists and Specialization: Results of a National Needs Assessment and Future Directions
September 24, 2015 Dr. Tasha Ramsey
The ABC’s of Infectious Diseases: An overview of Antimicrobial spectrum, Books and resources, and Common medical microbiology tests

Continuing Education Events for 2014-15

Date Event
March 25, 2015 Melanie MacInnis & Eleanor Fitzpatrick
Clinical Pharmacy Practice in the Pediatric Emergency Department – An Emerging Specialty
January 29, 2015 Lucas Thorne-Humphrey, BScPharm, ACPR Clinical Pharmacist, Vascular and General Surgery, QEII Health Sciences Centre & Gina Vaninetti, BScPharm,  Clinical Pharmacist, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, IWK Health Centre
ICU Topics for Non-ICU Pharmacists: Pharmacotherapeutic Considerations Post Intensive Care
November 26, 2014 Dr. Todd Hatchette, MD, FRCPC Chief, Division of Microbiology, Capital District Health Authority, Professor, Dept. of Pathology, Dalhousie University
November 6, 2014 CDHA General Surgery Pharmacists and an Interdisciplinary Panel featuring Front Line Staff and the Acute Pain Service (APS)
Acute Pain: Short and Snappies

Continuing Education Events for 2013-14

Date Event
April 4, 2014 To D or not to D, that is D Question - Shaun Stanwood
Perioperative Pain Management - Melanie MacInnis
February 4, 2014  Shanna Trenaman
Subtrochanteric fractures and their treatment
November 13, 2013 Michelle ten Brinke
Diarrhea go away! Don't come again another day!
October 10, 2013   Dr. Kathy Slayter
Are you prepared to protect your patients against influenza?

Continuing Education Events for 2012-13

Date Event
March 20, 2013 Dr. S. Shivakumar
Perioperative Management of Anticoagulation
January 24, 2013 Joanne McNair, Sarai Hamodat, Blair Salter
Hematology, Diabetes, and Schizophrenia Patient Cases
November 22, 2012 Theresa Hurley and Vanessa Sherwood
Tips and Tricks to find what you are looking for: A Drug Information Journey
October 23, 2012   Jennifer Fleming, Shanna Trenaman, Steve Nixon
Drug Dosing in Renal Failure: From Cradle to Long Term Care

Continuing Education Events for 2011-12

Date Event
April 4, 2012 Meghan MacKenzie
An Update on Community Acquired MRSA
Feb 15, 2012 Dr. Allan Purdy
Ten Things Pharmacists should know about Migraine
Nov 8, 2011 Peter Zed
Evidence-based medicine at the bedside:  Helping out patients with drug therapy decision making
Sep 19, 2011 Olavo Fernandes
The Optimal Priorization of Activities for a Hospital Pharmacist in 2011

Continuing Education Events for 2010-11

Date Event
April 4, 2011 Various presenters
Gong Show: Interesting Patient Cases
February 9, 2011 Sue Sampson
Regulation of Pharmacy Technicians
November 25, 2010 Sarah McMullen
Management of the Perioperative Patient
September 14, 2010 Leah Morrison
Enteral Medication Administration

Continuing Education Events for 2009-10

Date Event
March 9, 2010 Technology and Medication Safety
January 26, 2010 Joyce Totton
Evidence Based Treatment of ADHD in Children and Adolescents
September 23, 2009 Kathy Slayter
H1N1 Influenza

Continuing Education Events for 2008-09

Date Event
March 24, 2009 Christy Simpson and David Dupere
Hope and Truth-telling
January 27, 2009 Michelle Lycett
New Canadian Diabetes Guidelines
November 19, 2008 Various Presenters
Bring on the Gong
September 17, 2008 Alexa Bagnell
Managing Pediatric Anxiety Disorders
May 3, 2008 NS Branch Annual General Meeting and Awards Dinner

Continuing Education Events for 2007-08

Date Event
March 27, 2008 Dr. Andrea Murphy
Mastering Psychotropic Controversies with YODA
February 7, 2008  Jennifer Ryan
Chronic Kidney Disease
November 29, 2007 Dr. Zubin Austen
Introduction to Learning Styles Theory
October 19, 2007 Nicky Corkum and Lisa Grandy Allen
"Just a quick question..." Drug Information, Where and How to Search

Continuing Education Events for 2006-07

Date Event
February 19, 2007 Dr. Tony Otley
Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Therapies: Of Mice and Men
December 5, 2006 Dr. Peter Zed
Medication Misadventures in Canadian Hospitals: How big is the problem?
October 19, 2006 Dr. Tom Ransom
Practical Points in Diabetes Care

Continuing Education Events for 2005-06

Date Event
March 20, 2006 Dr. Ken Chisholm
Acute Pain Management
January 27, 2006 Warren Meek
e-Therapeutics: What works when
November 24, 2005 Dr. Kathy Slayter
Vaccines: Whose responsibility is it anyhow? What every hospital pharmacist needs to know
October 28, 2005 Dr. Bill Semchuk
Metabolic Syndrome: the Big, Fat Truth