Official Publications

There are 3 types of Official Publications:

  • Guidelines are a collection of best practices or leading practices to describe a specific service, program or other aspect of a pharmacy practice; they are consistent with the spirit of the position statements.
  • Information Papers provide a summary of the issues pertaining to a particular pharmacy topic, without specific recommendations or an outline of conduct.
  • Position Statements succinctly express the stance of the Society on any issue related to the practice of pharmacy in a healthcare organization, such as a hospital. They describe a desired and achievable level of performance that is applicable to the practice of pharmacy in a healthcare organization, regardless of geographical location, experience, or area of practice.

The Board reviews requests and recommendations regarding the Official Publications and directs the development and publication of all Official Publications. While the Pharmacy Practice Publications Steering Committee oversees the collection of Official Publications, any CSHP committee and task force can recommend to the Board the development, revision, or removal of an Official Publication.

CSHP's position statements are available to the public. With the exception of the Compounding: Guidelines for Pharmacies, guidelines and information papers written by CSHP are accessible to CSHP members (log in using your email address and membership number as your password); these publications are also available for purchase by non-members.

Non-member fee:

Click here to purchase Compounding: Guidelines for Pharmacies. This publication is not included as a member benefit, though it can be purchased at a discounted rate by members. Non-members pay full price.

Contact the CSHP's Content Officer, for further information or to purchase a copy of a guideline, or information paper.

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