The Awards Program recognizes hospital pharmacists who have made a significant contribution to the improvement of pharmacy services through innovations and developments in the field, original research, scholarly papers or publications. This program is made possible through the interest and support of pharmaceutical firms whose generosity is acknowledged.

CSHP OB Awards are presented for projects and articles, personal recognition, research grants, and resident achievements. Award categories are listed on the left and submission requirements are available by clicking on each award title. Only current CSHP members will be considered.

The CSHP OB Annual Awards are presented at the annual Conference in November.

OB Awards Program 2019 Winners

2020 CSHP OB Awards Banquet

Join us at the 2020 CSHP OB Awards Banquet to recognize and celebrate the efforts and achievements of your colleagues!

The 2020 CSHP OB Awards Banquet will be held at The University Club (380 University Ave, Toronto) on Saturday, November 14th, 2020. The evening will include a reception, buffet dinner, and award presentations.  

Registration coming soon!

CSHP OB Award Requirements:

  1. Three types of awards are available: 1) awards for projects/articles; 2) personal recognition awards; and 3) grants.  Match your project, article or nominated colleague to the Terms of Reference provided for each award.
  2. An Ontario Branch member may submit for as many awards as he/she has qualifying projects. An individual project/article must be submitted for only one award (exception for residency award submissions). 
  3. Submit the stated Submission Requirements to Anne Stacey, Executive Assistant, Ontario Branch CSHP, by e-mail at (or by fax at: 613-736-5660).
  4. Complete and send in the application by Friday, July 10, 2020 at 5:30 pm. Residency awards are due Friday, August 21, 2020 by 5:30 pm.

For group submissions consisting of two or more members applying for an award, please include one main contact to represent the group.

Note: One framed certificate will be issued per award. Up to three individual names can be included on the certificate. All listed award recipients MUST be CSHP members. CSHP members are eligible for awards, as awards are not granted to organizations, departments or members of a group who are not part of CSHP.

Note: Should a group submission be granted an award, only one member of the group will be provided with complimentary registration to attend the Awards  Presentations (although additional tickets may be purchased for the remainder of the group members to attend). 

2020 CSHP Ontario Branch Awards Application Form