Opioid Guidelines

Controlled Drugs and Substances in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Guidelines on Secure Management and Diversion Prevention

Across Canada, the opioid crisis is affecting patients, families, the general public, and the healthcare system. CSHP joined Health Canada, provincial ministries of health, health agencies, health professional regulatory authorities and voluntary associations, and others in publicly expressing its commitment to resolve the crisis.

Controlled Drugs and Substances in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities: Guidelines on Secure Management and Diversion Prevention have been published in fulfillment of one of CSHP’s commitments under the Joint Statement of Action to Address the Opioid Crisis.1

The guidelines were developed in collaboration with many valued partners who are all responding to what has become an opioid crisis of unprecedented proportions.2,3

This document aims to provide Canadian healthcare facilities with advice and guidance on how to develop a system to prevent, detect, and respond to diversion of controlled substances, and how to continuously improve such a system once it has been established.

Access the guidelines here!

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