Pharmacy Appreciation Month

Pharmacy Appreciation Month

Pharmacy Awareness Month, the annual national campaign that shines a spotlight on all things pharmacy, is moving from ‘awareness’ to ‘appreciation’ this March to better reflect and celebrate the extraordinary role the hospital pharmacy team plays in health care, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The name change to “Pharmacy Appreciation Month” will support and facilitate a #PAM2021 campaign that shifts to a more celebratory tone overall to recognize the profession’s efforts on the front line of the pandemic.


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March is Pharmacy Appreciation Month! Join us to celebrate the fabulous hospital pharmacy teams who’ve cared for Canadians throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. #ThankYouPharmacy #PAM2021 Image download  
This year, our annual Pharmacy Awareness Month gets a new name: Pharmacy *Appreciation* Month. Now more than ever, we’re excited to celebrate the tremendous work of pharmacy professionals! #PAM2021 Image download  
Happy Pharmacy Appreciation Month! There’s so much to celebrate in our inspiring colleagues. Comment and tag a pharmacy professional you appreciate. #PAM2021 Image download  
This Pharmacy Appreciation Month, share this post to say #ThankYouPharmacy to the teams who’ve continued providing top-notch care on the front lines of the pandemic. Image download Image download
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic you’ve dealt with heightened risk, adapted your practice, and never wavered in your commitment to patients. #ThankYouPharmacy for being there for us no matter what. Image download  
This year, you’ve gone above and beyond to constantly stay informed on best practices – You’ve shared expertise, attended webinars, and tracked evolving research, all while juggling huge demands. Your incredible efforts deserve to be celebrated! #PAM2021 Image download  
COVID-19 has shown just how resilient and skillful the hospital pharmacy community is. This #PAM2021, we’re more appreciative than ever of our entire pharmacy team’s contributions to healthcare. Image download  
Canadians know they can count on pharmacy teams, some of the most accessible and trusted healthcare professionals, no matter what. #ThankYouPharmacy  Image download  
Bravo to hospital pharmacy teams for always prioritizing empathetic, individualized patient care. You actively listen to patients, support their treatment goals, and promote patient autonomy. Now that’s worth celebrating! #PAM2021 Image download  
What do you love most about being a hospital pharmacy professional? Comment below and share what makes you smile at work! #PAM2021 Image download Image download
As accessible and trusted healthcare providers, pharmacy professionals play a key role in educating patients about vaccines. We’re proud to contribute to global health by sharing the evidence about vaccines. #PAM2021 Image download  
We’re proud of the innovative research hospital pharmacy teams conduct. #ThankYouPharmacy for constantly working to expand our knowledge and provide the best care for patients. Image download  
Throughout the pandemic, pharmacy professionals have found novel ways to continue delivering outstanding care, whether through virtual consultations or nimbly adapting to changing best practices. #ThankYouPharmacy Image download  
#PAM2021 marks 1 year since COVID-19 created a “new normal” in Canada. There’s no better time to honour the resilience of every member of our pharmacy teams in the face of adversity. We see you and we appreciate you! Image download  
From opioid stewardship to vaccinations to drug shortages, pharmacy teams respond to our most pressing issues. You’re at the forefront of advocating for evidence-based, patient-centered healthcare. #ThankYouPharmacy for your tireless work to protect our most vulnerable. Image download  
People often don’t realize that on top of caring for patients, pharmacy professionals spend countless hours managing drug shortages, especially during COVID-19. We want you to know how much we appreciate your amazing efforts to get patients the drugs they need. #PAM2021 Image download  
This year, pharmacy technicians have gone above and beyond for their patients. From conducting phone BPMHs, modifying drug delivery, caring for COVID wards, and getting every last drop of vaccine ready for patients, we appreciate all you do! #ThankYouPharmacy Image download  
Throughout the pandemic, our pharmacy leaders have worked around the clock to ensure their staff’s safety during this time of so many unknowns. Thank you to our fearless pharmacy managers and directors. #PAM2021  Image download  
Pharmacy Awareness Month, the annual campaign that shines a spotlight on all things pharmacy, is moving from ‘awareness’ to ‘appreciation’ this March to celebrate the extraordinary role pharmacy professionals play in health care, especially during COVID-19. #PAM2021 Image download Image download
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Pharmacy Awareness Month

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    It’s time to celebrate the pharmacy community and the role you play, day in and day out! That’s why this March we are moving from ‘awareness’ to ‘appreciation.’ We want to reflect and celebrate the extraordinary role pharmacy professionals play in health care, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This March 2021 join us in celebrating Pharmacy Appreciation Month. As we get closer to March we will have lots of ideas and resources to help you celebrate your role, recognize your staff or colleagues on the pharmacy team, and much more. Follow CSHP on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for more info and resources about #PAM2021!

    Key Messages

    1. This March, let’s celebrate your hospital pharmacy team’s commitment to continuous delivery of care throughout the pandemic 
    2. This past year, pharmacy professionals were flexible, delivered on best practices, and put in countless hours in the face of adversity 
    3. We’ve gained a stronger appreciation for our entire pharmacy team