Pharmacy Specialty Networks’ activity: Higher than ever before!

Top 5 PSNs Members
COVID-19 2604
Infectious Disease 547
Internal Medicine 332
Parenteral Services 265
Paediatrics 257

CSHP’s Pharmacy Specialty Networks (PSN) are wonderful practice communities that all CSHP members are welcome to join. A few years ago, CSHP migrated the PSNs to the QID platform where members can login to post practice questions and search for previous responses about similar topics. Each PSN is led by a pharmacist or technician with an interest and expertise in the speciality of the PSN they lead.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we created the COVID-19 PSN and were happy to see so many members sharing information within that PSN. As a result of the increased traffic to the QID platform, we also saw a significant increase in the activity of our existing PSNs. Looking to sustain this increased member interest, we hosted a meeting with the PSN Chairs earlier this month to discuss ways to further engage with members in their networks. The Chairs plan to post and respond more, to inspire other members to follow suit! A huge thank you to all our Chairs for their enthusiasm, commitment, and expertise as we continue to support our members’ needs within these communities of practice.

We would like to take this time to introduce you to some of our new PSN Chairs and Co-Chairs!  

Please welcome: 

  • Rumi McGloin and Adrianne Shippam as the new Clinical Practice Leaders Co-Chairs 

  • Cecilia Nishi and Beth Leung as the COVID-19 Co-Chairs 

  • Cheyanne Boehm as the Critical Care Chair 

  • Rebecca Campbell as the Drug Use Evaluation Chair 

  • Dawn Jennings and Margo Derksen as the Drug Shortages Co-Chairs 

  • Linda Ou and Caitlin Coons as the Internal Medicine Co-Chairs 

For a full listing of CSHP’s PSNs, please visit the webpage here. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the PSNs and would like to volunteer to take on a Co-Chair role, please contact either the existing PSN Chair or Jessica Robinson, Professional Practice Specialist at CSHP.