Poster Abstract Submissions

Please read the call carefully and insure that you have followed ALL rules and regulations prior to submitting the abstract.  You are also required to complete the Author Submission Form for each poster you submit.  eg - if you submit 3 posters, you must fill out 3 Author Submission Forms

There are three submission categories to choose from.  The abstracts will be reviewed according to the category the author has chosen for its submission:

Original Research: 

includes Pharmaceutical/Basic Science, Clinical Research, Drug Use Evaluations, Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis, Pharmacoeconomic Analysis, etc.

Headings are: Background, Objective(s), Methods, Results, Conclusion(s)
The background section should briefly describe the rationale for the study. The objective section should include the main study objective(s). The method section should include study design, methods, intervention, and statistical analysis. The results section should provide main results. The conclusion section should include the main conclusion and interpretation of the results which are supported by the data provided.

Case Reports:

Headings are: Background, Case description, Assessment of causality, Literature review, Importance to practitioners
The background section should briefly describe the rationale for the case report. The case description should provide details of the case. Enough details should be provided to clearly outline the case and support the assessment of causality. Case reports of suspected adverse drug reactions should report on causality using a causality assessment tool such as the Naranjo scale. The literature review section should briefly examine current literature relating to or surrounding the case report. The importance to practitioners section should briefly describe implications/importance of the case report to pharmacy practitioners.

Pharmacy Practice:

includes Administration Projects, Health Professional Education, Medication Safety Initiatives, etc.

Headings are: Background, Description, Action, Evaluation, Implications
The background section should briefly describe background and rationale for service, program, problem, need, etc. The description section should describe the concept, service, role, or situation. The action section should describe the steps taken to identify and resolve a problem(s), implement change, or develop and implement the new program. The evaluation should describe the evaluation process of the project and results of evaluation. The implications section should describe the concept’s importance and usefulness to current and/or future practice.

Accepted posters will be presented in a facilitated format only by an author (or designate) in one of the designated facilitated poster sessions at PPC 2019.  The time slot will be assigned by the CSHP Research Committee.

 Accepted abstracts will be published in the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (CJHP).

What is a facilitated poster? 

A facilitated poster presentation consists of a 5 minute presentation and 5 minute question and answer period to a group of your peers. The presentation should highlight the key points of your poster and will be followed by questions and group discussion. A facilitator will be assigned to each grouping of posters and the presentations within the grouping will occur in sequence.


Author Responsibilities

  • Authors presenting at PPC 2019 are responsible for their own travel expenses and must be registered for conference on the day of their presentation. Presenting authors are entitled to the early bird rate when they register for the conference (regardless of deadline date).
  • Authors of accepted posters who are unable to attend PPC must designate another author to present the poster on their behalf.  They are also responsible for their own travel expenses and conference registration.