PSN Chair Resource Centre

At a minimum, each PSN is required to have a PSN chair. The term of the PSN chair is at least 1 year but can be extended.

Executive Team

The PSN Executive Team is expected to also be committed to the vision and mission of CSHP, and to comply with the most current version of CSHP’s policies and procedures.

The Chair and other members of the Executive Team are required to do the following:

  • review the PSNs purpose statement which distinguishes the PSN from other PSNs.  A copy can be found in the PSN Community page.
  • annually review and update the PSN’s webpage (if one exists). 

Term and Responsibilities of PSN Chairs

PSN Chair Term: one-year term following term as PSN Chair-Elect, renewable if a Chair-elect position is vacant and the PSN membership is in agreement – no limit

Required responsibilities:

  • Participates in the PSN Coordinating Committee
  • Serves as the PSN’s liaison to chair of the PSN Coordinating Committee
  • Suggests PSN-related topics to the Educational Services Committee for the Professional Practice Conference
  • Monitors email postings within the PSN
  • Issues warnings of policy infractions, as required, within the PSN
  • Informs the PSN Administrator whenever the PSN Executive Team changes

Ad hoc responsibilities

  • Issue calls for interested PSN members to represent CSHP on an external committee or task force, upon request of the CSHP Executive Director
  • Communicates with relevant CSHP committees
  • Reviews requests for the PSN’s participation in volunteer activities such as the following:
    • Facilitating communication and dissemination of news and educational materials to PSN members at the request of the CSHP official office
    • Participating in research projects
    • Participating in surveys
    • Reviewing articles for the Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy
    • Writing or reviewing CSHP publications

Electing and Appointing the PSN Executive Team

In maintaining the principles of democracy, it is best to invite members to apply for vacant positions within the Executive Team; such an invitation should occur via an email distributed through the PSN

In the event that two members are interested in a position, a Co-Chair concept should be encouraged. Elections, if required (three or more interested persons for one position), may be conducted during a meeting, teleconference, by email, or fax. It is recognized that many positions may be filled by acclamation.

Handling Misdemeanours

The PSN Administrator and/or PSN Chair monitors messages to assess compliance with the CSHP PSN Handbooks and CSHP policies and procedures. Unacceptable email is removed from the archive by the PSN Administrator.

Members can contact the PSN Administrator or PSN Chair to share concerns about an email.

Matters of non-compliance are discussed among the Chair of the PSN Coordinating Committee, the CSHP Executive Director, and CSHP President. If the decision is to issue a warning to the member the Chair of the PSN Coordinating Committee asks the PSN Chair to do so. If the decision is to suspend or terminate a member from a PSN, the Chair of the PSN Coordinating Committee informs the member, the PSN Chair, and the PSN Administrator regarding the decision.

Keeping the PSN Active

Post and respond to questions.

Communicate. It is important to maintain dialogue among members

  • Post practice-related questions and controversies for comments
  • Post reminders about PSN educational sessions at CSHP conferences at least six weeks prior to the conference
  • Solicit feedback
  • Share information about guidelines for practice
  • Advertise educational events

Collaborate. Collaboration may be undertaken on projects (such as practice-based research, publications).

Promote the PSN to colleagues who are not PSN members and who may benefit from participating in the community.

Promote PSNs through the eBulletin to highlight individual PSNs and to encourage member enrollment.


Encourage your PSN to meet face to face or by teleconference. 

If any PSN plans on hosting an event that is not a typical event, it must be reported to CSHP (such as mountain climbing, horseback riding, etc.), and a separate insurance premium paid. PSN events taking place during the national conferences are included under the national coverage for these events. All other events involving alcohol outside of these national events must be reported to CSHP in order to have appropriate insurance coverage. (See below for more information.)

Before committing to a project or event, each PSN must ensure that sufficient financial funds or office support are available. Funds can be obtained from external sources unless there is prior funding from CSHP. Funds will be managed through CSHP.

Hold Educational Sessions. These may be held at CSHP's annual conferences educational programs. (See below for more information.)

Teleconference services are available to the PSNs. Requests to hold a teleconference (date/time) should be forwarded to the PSN Administrator who maintains a master booking log. Once a date and time are confirmed, please contact the PSN Administrator who will provide the teleconference number and assign a passcode.

Holding Educational Sessions

Educational sessions are highly encouraged, and they may be held at CSHP's annual educational programs: the Professional Practice Conference (PPC), and the Western Branches Banff Seminar.

If there is a large enough group of members within a CSHP Branch, it is encouraged that the local PSN members plan and organize educational events or sessions at Branch AGMs or the Banff Seminar. These Branch events would not be funded or supported by CSHP. Branch support or local funding would be required. All funds must be managed through CSHP.

For events at PPC:

Snacks & Beverages cannot be purchased for PSN educational sessions at conferences.

For events at Banff Seminar:

  • Contact the Banff Seminar Coordinator, by September, to ask if the request can be accommodated. (The Educational Services Committee is not involved in this Seminar.)


CSHP can provide general administrative support on request such as the distribution of electronic newsletters and materials promoting or supporting PSN-related activities. However, the goal is for each PSN to communicate with its members by email whenever possible.

CSHP maintains a record of members who have volunteered to serve as a PSN Chair. If your group is looking for a Chair, please contact the PSN Administrator for a current list of members who have volunteered for this role.

Key Dates



January Continue to promote the PSN sessions being presented at PPC

Send reminder notice to PSN members about educational sessions at Banff Seminar  (post PPC if applicable)


30th - Submission deadline for PSN session suggestions/requests to be presented at PPC.  To be received by the Conference & PSN Administrator and the chair of the Educational Services Committee (ESC)


30th - ESC will confirm with the PSN Chairs of sessions chosen for presentation at PPC


15th - confirmation of PSN speaker requests for PPC (ESC member in conjunction with the PSN Chair or delegate)


Contact Banff Seminar Coordinator to request PSN educational session at Banff Seminar (if applicable)

October Promote the PPC preliminary program highlighting the PSN sessions being presented

1st—Deadlines to request PSN meeting at PPC (submit to requests to Conference Administrator)


Send reminder notice to PSN members about educational sessions at PPC (if applicable)

Conducting Surveys of all PSNs

Surveys of all PSNs are conducted every 2 years to provide the PSN members an opportunity to provide feedback on the overall operations of each PSN they are subscribed to.

  • CSHP prepares a core set of questions that are to be asked of all PSN members. Building on that core set of questions, each chair can add his or her own questions specific to the PSN. For instance, the chair may ask the PSN members to identify potential speakers or topics at conferences and for volunteers for various positions in the PSN.
  • The survey will be distributed via the PSN.
  • The results of the individual surveys are shared with the respective PSN Chair. A compilation of the survey results (across all PSNs) is shared with the PSN Coordinating Committee (via the PSN Administrator).

Managing Finances

For inquiries related to financial matters, please contact the CSHP’s Director, Corporate Services and the PSN Administrator.

No activity that requires funds should be started without sufficient funds available to support the activity.