Referral Program

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Did you know that the majority of new Members and Supporters learn about CSHP through word of mouth?

Over the years, hundreds of friends and colleagues have been referred to the Society. Thank you!

Keep talking about CSHP!

CSHP offers a program that allows Members and Individual Supporters to gain credit through making referrals. Credit can be applied toward the purchase of publications, continuing education programs, and membership or supporter status: 

  • Receive a $10 credit for referring pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and general supporters; and
  • Receive a $5 credit for referring pharmacy students and residents.

If your name is mentioned in the referral section of a Member or Individual Supporter application, your credit will be recorded, and you will be notified—it's that simple!    

Inquiries should be directed to:

Robyn Rockwell, Membership & Awards Administrator
Toll Free: 1 (877) 340-2756, ext. 222
Direct: (613) 909-9964