Travel Grants for Continuing Education

CSHP Members and Student Pharmacist Supporters can apply for grants to support research, education, and travel. 

The research and education grants are offered by the CSHP Foundation, while the travel grant is administered by CSHP.

Sponsored by Fresenius Kabi Canada


To provide supplementary funding that will enable CSHP Members and Student Pharmacist Supporters in each branch who receive the grant to attend conferences and educational events of relevance to their pharmacy practice.


To be eligible, each candidate must:

  1. Be a Member or Student Pharmacist Supporter of CSHP
  2. Attend an education event relevant to his or her pharmacy practice and for which the costs incurred to attend are not fully paid by his or her employer or by other means.

The Continuing Education Travel Grant program consists of a grant of $22,000 which is divided among each of the CSHP’s branches as follows: $2000 per branch, except for Ontario which receives $6000.


1.  All CSHP branches will advertise and administer the Continuing Education Travel Grant program annually within their respective branches.

2. Each branch will determine the specific criteria for awarding the grant funds and the value of each grant awarded.

3. Grant funds are to be paid to the winners upon submission of receipts for registration and/or other costs incurred to attend a pharmacy-related education event.

4. By November 1 of each year all branches will forward to the CSHP office the following information for the current year’s Continuing Education Travel Grant program: 

  • Name(s) of the winner(s)
  • Dollar amount of the grant awarded to each winner
  • The conference or educational event attended or planned to attend. 

5. The CSHP office will compile this information into a report to be forwarded to Fresenius Kabi Canada by the end of November each year.

6. Fresenius Kabi Canada’s support of this grant program will be recognized by CSHP: all branches will acknowledge the Continuing Education Travel Grant and its recipients in their respective newsletters. CSHP will recognize the grant recipients in an April edition of the e-bulletin and will include the total value of this award in determining the sponsorship level of Fresenius Kabi Canada for recognition as a CSHP sponsor.

7. Fresenius Kabi Canada will confirm their commitment to the Continuing Education Travel Grant program by April 1 of each year.

8. Upon receipt of the funds from Fresenius Kabi Canada, the CSHP office will distribute the grant money to the branch accounts. Once the winner is determined, please forward the information to Pamela Saunders ( When claims have been received, please send all receipts and reimbursement requests to the CSHP office so that a cheque can be issued to the grant recipients from the branch’s account.

Important: Grant money should be claimed by December 31, 2018.

Travel grant recipients in 2016

British Columbia Branch
  • Elissa Aeng
  • Jinny Cheng
  • Cesilia Nishi
  • Alice Wang
Alberta Branch
  • Kirsten George-Phillips
  • Andrea Pickett
Saskatchewan Branch
  • Darin Walter
  • Leslie Dagg
Manitoba Branch
  • Barbara Sproll
  • Pat Trozzo
Ontario Branch
  • Christina Adams
  • Pauline Giancroce
  • Danette Beechmor
  • Rebecca Agar
  • Jacqueline Roberts
  • Fatima Vieira-Cabral
  • Jiwon Kim
  • Alan Mills
  • Tania Fernandes
  • Ryan Itterman
  • Jessica Robinson
  • Ming Lee
  • Vivian Lee
  • Samantha Yau
  • Paula Newman
  • Heather Black
  • Rachel Lee
  • Vincent Ho
  • Linda Ou
  • Kang-Wei Liu
  • Joyce Chan
  • Carolee Awde
  • Stephanie Gautron
  • Mayce Al-Sukhni
  • Maria Marchese

New Brunswick Branch

  • Ashley Sproul
  • Irene Christie
Nova Scotia Branch
  • Shauna Simmons
  • Kimberley Abbass
Newfoundland and Labrador Branch
  • Jason Kielly
Prince Edward Island Branch
  • Marsha Cusack
  • Rebecca Campbell
  • Beth Bradley
  • Fiona Mitchell