Virtual Posters

Virtual Posters 2017

The Virtual Posters below were recorded at PPC 2017.

An Evaluation of Pharmacist Intervention on Discharge MedRec
Presented by Adil Virani, B.Sc.(Pharm), PharmD. FCSHP
CSHP 2016 Safe Medication Practices Award

Applying the Proton Pump Inhibitor Deprescribing Algorithm in Stable Patients in a Community Hospital
Presented by Sonia Wang, BScPhm and Monica Lee, BScPhm, MSc, PharmD

Going beyond the inpatient role: An evaluation of clinical pharmacy services in a pediatric outpatient clinic setting
Presented by Tamara Milicevic, BScPharm

Hospital Pharmacists’ Skills Development Grid and Job Standards Timeline: Description of Development and Use at a Pediatric Tertiary Care Institution
Presented by Presented by Jason Yung, PharmD Student, BMSc and James Tjon RPh, BSPhm, PharmD

Keeping Mom and Baby Healthy – An Immunization Pilot Project
Presented by Kelly Foster, BSc Pharm, ACPR

Medication Adherence Assessment of Patients in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre
Presented by Douglas Doucette, BSc, PharmD, FCSHP

Patient Perspectives on Clinical Pharmacy Key Performance Indicators: A Qualitative Study
Presented by Sean Gorman

Pharmacy Role in the Emergency Department At Two Urban Acute Care Sites
Presented by Ginny Cummings, BScPharm, ACPR

Travail de proximité des pharmaciens dans les groupes de médecine de famille (GMF) : l’impact sur la collaboration et la communication interprofessionnelle.
Presented by Priscille-Nice Sanon, B.Sc

What’s Happening? Patient Access to Compounded Drugs in Pediatrics After Discharge from a Tertiary Center: A Research Team’s Perspective
Presented by Jean-François Bussières, B.Pharm., M.Sc., MBA, FCSHP

The CSHP Virtual Posters are generously sponsored by Pfizer Canada Inc.