Collaboration with other organizations

Working with government agencies and non-government organizations who have an invested interest in healthcare and the work of the hospital pharmacist is integral to CSHP's advocacy work. CSHP is approached regularly to participate in high-level meetings, think tanks, events, or have representatives join committees.  

CSHP Representatives

A CSHP member may represent CSHP on behalf of the CSHP Board to an organization outside of CSHP. Requests to provide a CSHP representative to an external organization are reviewed by the Executive Committee. When sufficient time is available a general call for expressions of interest will be made to members of CSHP: when insufficient time is available for such a general call, the Executive Committee will recommend that specific members be approached to determine their interest in being a CSHP representative. All new CSHP representatives will be confirmed by the Board (usually at either the Mid-term Board Meeting or Fall Board Meeting).

A PSN shall not initiate or respond to communication with external organizations without prior approval by the CSHP Executive Director or the Executive Committee. CSHP can facilitate PSNs working with external groups in forging partnerships when the need is identified. Please contact the Chair of the PSN Coordinating Committee to express that need to the Executive Committee.

All requests for a CSHP representative should be forwarded to the Executive Director of CSHP.

View the list of current CSHP Representatives.


An endorsement is understood to mean overall support for an initiative or guideline based on a thorough review.  CSHP endorsement implies that CSHP agrees with the information being communicated.

From time to time, CSHP endorses a program or publication developed by another organization. The Board is responsible for deciding whether CSHP endorses another organization's program or publication.

The following criteria are used to assess a request for endorsement:

  • Goals of the initiative should be clear
  • Methodology of development is sound, evidence-based, and transparent
  • Recommendations are evidence-based, reasonable from a hospital pharmacy perspective, and factor in risks vs. benefits for patients
  • Recommendations/methods do NOT contradict mission, values, or other documents of CSHP
  • It is preferable that guidelines be available in both official languages

All requests for CSHP's endorsement should be submitted to the Executive Director of CSHP and include the following information:

  • materials relevant to the request (e.g., program syllabus, publication)
  • proposed rationale for CSHP's endorsement
  • deadline for endorsement (if any)
  • description of how CSHP's endorsement will be acknowledged.

CSHP reserves the right to endorse multiple guidelines on the same or similar topics.