Year-In-Review Report (2018-2019): Vision Portfolio


Written by: Tania Mysak

Strategic Plan 20152020
On a semi-annual basis, the provincial branches, the Affiliated Boards, and the committees report to the CSHP Board on how their objectives and actions are integrated within the corporate strategic priorities and have progressed to date. The CSHP balanced scorecard 2015–2020, available here, highlights CSHP’s key performance indicators and the progress made towards achieving these organizational goals. With the focus of CSHP shifting to the Strategy Towards Sustainability and with the upcoming session at the AGM this fall to begin the strategic planning cycle for 2020–2023, the balanced scorecard was streamlined to focus work on goals that will be carried forward or are markers of overall organizational health. The Board looks forward to communicating the results of the fall strategic planning session to members in 2020.

 Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy Program Steering Committee

Chair: Tania Mysak

The Excellence in Hospital Pharmacy Program—a single, engaging initiative to focus members’ efforts on improving patient health outcomes—is designed to foster excellence and innovation in patient care. The Excellence program endeavours to support hospital pharmacy teams in their provision of exceptional patient care. It is founded on three priority themes: Patient-Centred Care, Best Practice, and Communication and Collaboration.

The Steering Committee of the Excellence program revised the governance structure to operate as a smaller Steering Committee with a modified mandate to set general program direction.  Branch Champions and other volunteers were recruited to support the project work and implementation at the Branch level.

To focus the scope of the work, the Steering Committee and Branch Champions identified a single area of focus, and are currently refining a goal statement and metrics. We look forward to sharing information on this soon.

Excellence was also promoted at PPC 2019 through booth, direct mention at educational sessions, posters and presentations labelled/branded under the Excellence theme.  Planning is underway to incorporate our single focused goal into PPC 2020.

Finally, CSHP’s recommendations for Choosing Wisely Canada were finalized and circulated to membership.

Pharmacy Specialty Network Coordinating Committee
Chair: Tania Mysak

The Pharmacy Specialty Network (PSN) chairs remain an active group of volunteers in support of the CSHP strategic goal “to have 50% of members registered in at least one Pharmacy Specialty Network”.

Work is ongoing to enhance the functionality of the QID online community platform to improve members’ experience.

Educational Services Committee
Chair: Elaine Chong

Among its many objectives, the Educational Services Committee members continue to ensure that the PPC program is balanced, incorporating topics on clinical therapeutics, innovative roles, education, research/program evaluation, leadership, and practice domains.

The Committee continues to work in close collaboration with the PSN Chairs to identify topics and speakers for PSN sessions, the Research Committee to conduct facilitated poster sessions, and the Awards Committee to highlight winners and the awards program in general.

Committee members work in concert with CSHP staff to provide input on the strategic redesign of PPC, to assess the feasibility of technology-enabled conference tools, and to develop educational programming that aligns with the enacted changes.

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